Cake Cutting Song Ideas! By The Best Wedding Dj in Puerto Rico

The cake cutting is a traditional wedding element that can either be simple and sweet or playful and funny, and the music played should reflect the mood that a couple wants to create. Whether a couple opts to slice hand-in-hand, playfully smear a dab of icing on the nose, or take a full merengue pie to the face (yes, it’s happened!), the song played during the cake cutting tells as much about the couple’s personality as does the wedding cake flavor.

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Here are some interesting song options to inspire your simple, sweet, or funny wedding cake cutting. Be sure to tell your DJ which portion of the song you’d like to play during your big moment. Happy cutting!

Sugar – Maroon 5 (Playfull)

Sugar Sugar – The Archies (Sweet)

Chocolate – Jesse & Joy (Latin Couples & Sweet)

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me (Rock Lovers)

Is Your Wedding.. Its Your Way! You can choose any song you like for this particular Sweet/Romantic/Playfull Moment.

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The True Story About the Wedding Guest Book

Have you ever wondered, why do I need a Guest Book for my wedding? Is DEFINITELY essential?

These are some of the questions that quickly come to mind. Well now.

What purpose does a guest book? Well these apart from being an excellent dust collector, used to help remember someone’s name when memory begins to fade. Besides Maaaaaaaany, many guests .. shun having to stand in line to put names, the book is often damaged shortly.

moldy books

I reckon that at a wedding I attended recently, there was only room to write the name and address, which meant that the couple just filled an address book, Something definitely had before, to send invitations. However, I dutifully signed my name and address, but added a rebel “Congratulations!”

The Wedding guestbooks does not have to be that way! Instead of being just a dust collector should be a way to truly capture t
he moment, and the real feelings of the guests. Something In Your Wedding you really appreciate for the rest of your lifeA message, A Poem, an anecdote, a greeting, a Thank Why no?, A Joke!

We know you’re looking for fresh ideas for what will truly be a memory, take a look at this, In This Video I show you the True History of the Guest Book, and our new service.






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Loanne & Shahid Agosto 30, 2014 @ Hotel la Concha, San Juan Puerto Rico —->
Milly & Deivid Agosto 31, 2014 @ Casa Comerio, Bayamon Puerto Rico ——>
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3 Myths About Wedding DJ’s

Myth # 1: A DJ talk too .

You have probably heard (or been to weddings ) , where a DJ, in a misguided attempt emcee , spoke more than it should , with embarrassing results . However, an experienced wedding DJ will only speak when appropriate. ” Every time a DJ speaks , must have something important to say, you already planned beforehand.”

Myth # 2: The Bands take plenty of breaks .

A common concern about hiring a band is that every 40 or 45 minutes of music is established that will have 15 or 20 minute break , and music from an ipod Ref . Ask members of the band that their breaks are interleaved so there will be live music throughout the night . This way the guests will be entertained and the dance floor will always remain full, or interleaved with a good Dj to touch the genres that the band did not play .

Myth # 3: A DJ will be playing cheesy songs.

Worried that your DJ has his mind set on “YMCA ” and the Electric Slide, when you are thinking more along the lines of ” Brown Eyed Girl” and ” Unforgettable “? You do not have to be this way – your DJ wants to play what they want to hear , but you have to clearly communicate their tastes . Do not rely on words , as terms like ” dance music ” “rock ” and ” slow songs ” are vague and can be easily misinterpreted. To make sure you’re on the same page of music style , give you a play list and a list that does not want to play . ” Brides and grooms should be able to customize the playlist ,” says Dr. Drax . “People today have grown up with the choice and customization , and good DJs understand that. ”




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Set the ambience of your wedding

The music sets the tone for the mood of the wedding. The ambience music should be in tune with the decor of the wedding.

Example: An a Plantation, Visualize with rustic decor and pastel colors.

I would recommend a Set of Instrumental Music, either Spanish guitar or Maybe, Bossa Nova.
For ambient music go in tune with the decoration. This is just one example, all depends on your preferences and tastes.
On the Other Side There Many Genres that go well with any decor, as is the Instrumental music Piano and Saxophone.
Another good idea might be singing your favorite music, or if they have soft romantic songs would be an excellent idea and a well would add personal touch to your wedding.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Wedding
Outdoor Lighting for Your Wedding


As you do realize Kenny G is not exactly the only thing you can acclimate your wedding.

You dare to suggest any particular genre for your wedding?
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Benefits From The Decorative Lighting or Uplighting

What is Uplighting or decorative lighting ? ” Did you ask? Decorative lighting is a new modality used at weddings and special events so that the lights are placed on the floor and aimed to shed light on the wall , columns or a particular object. Use uplighting to enhance all welcome and give life to the room. If you’re thinking of adding a personal touch to your wedding, do not forget to add color.

benefits –

1. Spotlights are used by LED technology, So do not generate heat and consume very little energy

2. Ago Glowing any room with the elegance of a more expensive Ballroom of the hotel area .

3. Reduces costs of Decoration.

4. It will be very difficult for your guests not be impressed with the effect of colored columns around the room

5. Highlights areas you definitely want everyone to see the wedding day .


Best is that you have infinite possibilities to create colors, or do they change colors. Finally it can be personal , fun and will add a sophisticated touch to your wedding.


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