Wedding At Hacienda Siesta Alegre Inn

Gloria Fung and Michael Gillen’s Wedding

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hacienda Siesta Alegre Inn



Services Provided: Ceremony Sound, Cocktail Hour Sound, Reception Live Dj, DMX Lighting, Love Story Projection.

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Dj Eric Rosario

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The Floods landing in Puerto Rico! The Wedding of Gladivette And Patrick.

A couple of those unique, with which you click from the moment that you greet. We talked as if we knew of a lifetime. the groom had been Dj Just imagine the excitement and pressure. In the end both were able to share ideas about music and Experiences. 

It was an honor for me to have both families in one dance floor all night.

Here I leave a Unofficial Gallery of Gladivette‘s Wedding and Patrick in Costa Caribe in Ponce.

SBN Entertainment Provided Dj for Reception, Cocktail Hour Sound, Bilingual Master of Ceremonies, DMX Controlled Lighting, Wireless Decorative uplighting to The Entire Venue.

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Karla And Eric Rustic Destination Wedding In Puerto Rico

An Unique Destination Wedding With A Rustic Decor Touch Created By The Decorator Milita From Azahares de Novias.

The Wedding Took Place at Zafra del Caribe In Gurabo, Puerto Rico With the Wedding Planner Denise De Quevedo From Magnolia-Productions.

SBN Entertainment Provided: Ceremony Sound | Cocktail Hour Sound | Wireless Uplighting | Reception Dj With DMX Lighting.

Please Check out the amazing place, The beautiful cake, The impressive Decor and The great reception.

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Benefits From The Decorative Lighting or Uplighting

What is Uplighting or decorative lighting ? ” Did you ask? Decorative lighting is a new modality used at weddings and special events so that the lights are placed on the floor and aimed to shed light on the wall , columns or a particular object. Use uplighting to enhance all welcome and give life to the room. If you’re thinking of adding a personal touch to your wedding, do not forget to add color.

benefits –

1. Spotlights are used by LED technology, So do not generate heat and consume very little energy

2. Ago Glowing any room with the elegance of a more expensive Ballroom of the hotel area .

3. Reduces costs of Decoration.

4. It will be very difficult for your guests not be impressed with the effect of colored columns around the room

5. Highlights areas you definitely want everyone to see the wedding day .


Best is that you have infinite possibilities to create colors, or do they change colors. Finally it can be personal , fun and will add a sophisticated touch to your wedding.


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