Lovely Wedding At Hotel El Convento, Old San Juan

Lovely Wedding At Hotel El Convento, Salon Martorell Old San Juan

Dj Eric Rosario was in charge of livening super intimate and romantic evening, but could not miss the dance steps in so exquisite celebration.

Dont Miss The Oficcial Gallery From Angel Lopez in


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Wedding At Hacienda Siesta Alegre Inn

Gloria Fung and Michael Gillen’s Wedding

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hacienda Siesta Alegre Inn



Services Provided: Ceremony Sound, Cocktail Hour Sound, Reception Live Dj, DMX Lighting, Love Story Projection.

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Dj Eric Rosario

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The Floods landing in Puerto Rico! The Wedding of Gladivette And Patrick.

A couple of those unique, with which you click from the moment that you greet. We talked as if we knew of a lifetime. the groom had been Dj Just imagine the excitement and pressure. In the end both were able to share ideas about music and Experiences. 

It was an honor for me to have both families in one dance floor all night.

Here I leave a Unofficial Gallery of Gladivette‘s Wedding and Patrick in Costa Caribe in Ponce.

SBN Entertainment Provided Dj for Reception, Cocktail Hour Sound, Bilingual Master of Ceremonies, DMX Controlled Lighting, Wireless Decorative uplighting to The Entire Venue.

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Karla And Eric Rustic Destination Wedding In Puerto Rico

An Unique Destination Wedding With A Rustic Decor Touch Created By The Decorator Milita From Azahares de Novias.

The Wedding Took Place at Zafra del Caribe In Gurabo, Puerto Rico With the Wedding Planner Denise De Quevedo From Magnolia-Productions.

SBN Entertainment Provided: Ceremony Sound | Cocktail Hour Sound | Wireless Uplighting | Reception Dj With DMX Lighting.

Please Check out the amazing place, The beautiful cake, The impressive Decor and The great reception.

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Lovely Wedding At Hacienda Siesta Alegre ( SBN Entertainment )

This week we were bringing the best entertainment to one of the most spectacular places to get married in Puerto Rico.

The Wedding of Latonya and Michael, took place in Hacienda Siesta Alegre. This amazing couple traveled from Michigan with his family to celebrate the nuptials.

The small group of about 18 people danced all night to the rhythm of music, and even danced salsa and Latin rhythms over the night.

is Just enough to see this UNOFFICIAL gallery of the wedding, To appreciate the good times they lived.

We share the evening with one of the most prominent photographers in Puerto Rico Luis Tuko from ClickExpressions We invite you to stay tuned to ClickExpression site to view the official wedding gallery.

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DJ Eric Rosario & Dj Yelitza Villegas

SBN Entertainment! The Wedding Pro’s

#PocketsAndHugs Wedding

Marjorie and Ben Held their Wedding Ceremony at The Hacienda Siesta Alegre in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. One of the most beautiful venues in Puerto Rico with Spanish colonial architecture.

SBN Entertainment Provided Ceremony Sound, Cocktail Hour Music and An Amazing Reception With MC Daisy Rijos and Dj Eric Rosario mixing Live a lot of Guest Request with a lots of Dancing.

Check Out The Video!

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Special Thanks To The Wedding Planner Yolanda De Jesus.

Lorne and Tiffany’s Awesome Reception!

Lorne and Tiffany had a beautiful ceremony at Hacienda Siesta Alegre in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Shortly afterwards, guests moved to the main hall for a fun reception with a lots of dancing. We also provided the Ceremony Sound and Cocktail Hour Music to create a lively atmosphere.

Check out the video below!

Special Thanks To The Amazing Wedding Planner, Jeanette Centeno From Silversilke Weddings.

Amazing Wedding In Rincon, Puerto Rico

Meghan and Adam held their ceremony and reception at the Sunset Paradise Villas in Rincon, Puerto Rico. I played lots of reggae for the Cocktail Hour, And for the reception a Top 40 Flavor, oldies and modern requests for an amazing group of family and friends who wanted to dance all night long. The lighting was simple but perfect for the venue which included 2 LED Lights.

Check out the photos and video below!

Dj Eric Rosario Destination Wedding In Rincon Puerto Rico 4

Dj Eric Rosario Destination Wedding In Rincon Puerto Rico 3  Dj Eric Rosario Destination Wedding In Rincon Puerto Rico Dj Eric Rosario Destination Wedding In Rincon Puerto Rico 2

WeddingPlanners: Rincon Events

Venue: Sunset Villas Paradise

Dj: Dj Eric Rosario

Why use a Professional Puerto Rico MC?

A good Master of Ceremonies (MC) is a must for a successful wedding.

The MC is more than just a funny guy with a mic. The MC should work with the wedding planners and coordinators as well as the venue, entertainment, photographers, videographers etc to ensure the whole event goes smoothly. They help keep to time, they help move people between places (eg, if you are having a fire works display and your guests need to move outside to a deck area) but also between activities – eg, cake cutting, dancing, meals. Perhaps most importantly, the MC helps set the mood.

Although, all too often the role of MC is not taken seriously. Probably the biggest mistake we see is where a couple chooses a friend or family member to be the MC, even though they have no suitable expertise or experience.

For couples who choose to omit some or all of the formalities from their wedding, an appropriate friend or family member can work quite well.

However, our theory is that everyone from the bride and groom right through to each guest should be enjoying your wedding. This means, no guest should be ‘working’ at your wedding–that’s what staff and vendors are for!

While it may be a great honour for them, when you ask a guest to be MC at your wedding, it will also be a burden. It will stop that guest from having fun and relaxing at your wedding – because they must be conscience of timings and how things are running. They wouldn’t be able to enjoy their meal and have a few drinks. That’s not to say that many amateur MC’s don’t try! I have seen several in my time who have enjoyed their drinks just a little too much and don’t realise that what they are saying over the microphone may be inappropriate, embarrassing or downright annoying, especially when they’re carrying that microphone around and start singing whilst on the dance floor.

A better option is to hire a professional MC, someone who has experience and the skills to do the job properly. The qualities of a good MC include:

  • A strong and commanding voice,
  • A pleasant and respectful demeanour,
  • Cool under pressure,
  • Organised and can work to a schedule.

Possibly the best thing about a professional MC is that they are just that, professional. They are there to do a job, not to cut loose or practice their karaoke. Like many other vendors you’ll hire for your wedding, it’s all the little things you don’t see that make all the difference between an amateur and professional MC.

SBN Entertainment Count with the Best Professional Bilingual MC


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International Dj Day! ( March 9 )

Today is Internationally Celebrated the DJ Day … Something that I like and i am passionate of my job is to know different cultures through music. My academic preparation as a geographer, arouses curiosity to provide entertainment to different couples regardless of their background or cultural mix. When families, korean with American, Hindu with Chinese, Puerto Ricans with Japanese, Peruvian join with Canadians. I give the task to learn a little more thoroughly, culture musically. What usually listen to music? Will there be a cultural tradition as entertainment at the wedding? I give the task of knowing the holidays and traditions of these two families sewn together their lives. The most satisfying feeling is when I create a cultural and festive in each of their weddings balance.

Join 2 families with completely different cultures in the same dance floor, is what makes me reaffirm that i chose the best professions in the world. Geographer and be the Dj.

Dj International Cultural