Set the ambience of your wedding

The music sets the tone for the mood of the wedding. The ambience music should be in tune with the decor of the wedding.

Example: An a Plantation, Visualize with rustic decor and pastel colors.

I would recommend a Set of Instrumental Music, either Spanish guitar or Maybe, Bossa Nova.
For ambient music go in tune with the decoration. This is just one example, all depends on your preferences and tastes.
On the Other Side There Many Genres that go well with any decor, as is the Instrumental music Piano and Saxophone.
Another good idea might be singing your favorite music, or if they have soft romantic songs would be an excellent idea and a well would add personal touch to your wedding.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Wedding
Outdoor Lighting for Your Wedding


As you do realize Kenny G is not exactly the only thing you can acclimate your wedding.

You dare to suggest any particular genre for your wedding?
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