The True Story About the Wedding Guest Book

Have you ever wondered, why do I need a Guest Book for my wedding? Is DEFINITELY essential?

These are some of the questions that quickly come to mind. Well now.

What purpose does a guest book? Well these apart from being an excellent dust collector, used to help remember someone’s name when memory begins to fade. Besides Maaaaaaaany, many guests .. shun having to stand in line to put names, the book is often damaged shortly.

moldy books

I reckon that at a wedding I attended recently, there was only room to write the name and address, which meant that the couple just filled an address book, Something definitely had before, to send invitations. However, I dutifully signed my name and address, but added a rebel “Congratulations!”

The Wedding guestbooks does not have to be that way! Instead of being just a dust collector should be a way to truly capture t
he moment, and the real feelings of the guests. Something In Your Wedding you really appreciate for the rest of your lifeA message, A Poem, an anecdote, a greeting, a Thank Why no?, A Joke!

We know you’re looking for fresh ideas for what will truly be a memory, take a look at this, In This Video I show you the True History of the Guest Book, and our new service.






See full Video Guest Book Here


Loanne & Shahid Agosto 30, 2014 @ Hotel la Concha, San Juan Puerto Rico —->
Milly & Deivid Agosto 31, 2014 @ Casa Comerio, Bayamon Puerto Rico ——>
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Dj Eric Rosario




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