Cake Cutting Song Ideas! By The Best Wedding Dj in Puerto Rico

The cake cutting is a traditional wedding element that can either be simple and sweet or playful and funny, and the music played should reflect the mood that a couple wants to create. Whether a couple opts to slice hand-in-hand, playfully smear a dab of icing on the nose, or take a full merengue pie to the face (yes, it’s happened!), the song played during the cake cutting tells as much about the couple’s personality as does the wedding cake flavor.

Puerto Rico DJ wedding Bodas PR Bizcocho

Here are some interesting song options to inspire your simple, sweet, or funny wedding cake cutting. Be sure to tell your DJ which portion of the song you’d like to play during your big moment. Happy cutting!

Sugar – Maroon 5 (Playfull)

Sugar Sugar – The Archies (Sweet)

Chocolate – Jesse & Joy (Latin Couples & Sweet)

Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me (Rock Lovers)

Is Your Wedding.. Its Your Way! You can choose any song you like for this particular Sweet/Romantic/Playfull Moment.

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Dj Eric Rosario

The Best Wedding Dj in Puerto Rico


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