International Dj Day! ( March 9 )

Today is Internationally Celebrated the DJ Day … Something that I like and i am passionate of my job is to know different cultures through music. My academic preparation as a geographer, arouses curiosity to provide entertainment to different couples regardless of their background or cultural mix. When families, korean with American, Hindu with Chinese, Puerto Ricans with Japanese, Peruvian join with Canadians. I give the task to learn a little more thoroughly, culture musically. What usually listen to music? Will there be a cultural tradition as entertainment at the wedding? I give the task of knowing the holidays and traditions of these two families sewn together their lives. The most satisfying feeling is when I create a cultural and festive in each of their weddings balance.

Join 2 families with completely different cultures in the same dance floor, is what makes me reaffirm that i chose the best professions in the world. Geographer and be the Dj.

Dj International Cultural


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